Product Brief:16

B502 series inverter adopts DSP control system which supplies Sensorless Vector Control(SVC) and V/F Control Comparing with V/F control, the performance of DSP has greater superiority, which consists of inbuilt SVC and V/F Control, it is widely applied to high speed control accuracy, rapid torque response and high performance at low frequency.

Main Features:

* Control mode: Sensorless Vector control, V/F control, Torque Control.
* Start-up torque: 0.5Hz/150% (SVC)
* Built-in breaking unit for 0.4W to 11kW. If need to stop rapidly,please
connect the brake resistance directly.
* Multi-step (8steps) speed control: PID control; Traverse Control.
* Offer 4 multi-functional digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, 1 relay
output,1 analog output, 1 open-collector output.
* AVR: Can output constant voltage automatically when input voltage is
* Offer RS485 serial communication interface,
* Standard ModBus


B502 series(Output frequency range is 0-400Hz):
Textile machinery, Plastic machinery, ceramic machinery, electric
machinery, numerical control machine, foodstuff processing machinery,
Light Industry, Pharmacy machinery, Fan, Water Pump, Air Compressor, etc.

Power Range:
Single phase 220V 0.7HP~3HP(0.4KW~2.2KW)
Three phase 220V 1HP~75HP (0.75KW~55KW)
Three phase 380V 1HP~860HP (0.75KW~630KW)




1. Inverters between 18.5KW and 90KW have built-in DC reactor which is used to improve power factor. For inverters above 110KW, it is recommended to install DC reactor between P1 and (+).


2. Inverters below 15KW have built-in braking unit. If need braking, only need to install braking resistor between PB and (+).


3. For inverters above 18.5KW, if need braking, should install external braking unit between (+) and (-).